A Good Night for Music

Some friends and I attended an Eric Johnson concert at the City Winery. It was a first for me on both counts– the artist and the venue.

To sum it up with my vast musical and artistic knowledge, it was great.

Eric Johnson is a phenomenal guitar talent who played some of the best face-melty rock I’ve heard in a long, long time.

The only downside was that I stayed up late on a weeknight. I imagine I will be one of the Walking Dead when my alarm clock sounds off at 5 am, but it was way worth it.

I still love music because it’s the only artistic medium to touch all five of the senses. Good music can transport me out of my current circumstances and take me to a place visually and spiritually like almost nothing else can.

I think God did good when He created music.

Now I get to sleep for 4 hours and 40 minutes before I’m up and at it again for another work day. It will not be pretty.


On The First Day of Spring

It’s the first day of spring. It didn’t feel like spring. It felt more like winter trying to make a comeback.

And about my prediction that it might snow on Wednesday? Yep, it snowed today. On the first day of spring.

Mind you, it didn’t stick and probably barely registered as accumulation by whatever methods they use to measure precipitation.

But still it snowed.

That’s the way it works around here. The first day of fall is usually hot, the first day of winter is warm, the first day of spring is cold, and the first day of summer will probably be rainy.

And we still get all four seasons in one week. Sometimes in 48 hours.

Ah for the joys of living in Tennessee.

Happy Spring Eve

I can’t believe that tomorrow is officially the first day of spring. It’s the Vernal Equinox. I’m not quite sure what that means, other than putting away all the flannel and heavy coats for 6-7 months until fall rolls around again.

And it might snow on Wednesday. Only in Tennessee.


Is Your Bracket Busted Yet?

March Madness is truly living up to its name this year. For the first time in tournament history, a 16 seed knocked off a 1 seed. So is your bracket busted yet?

I like to fill out multiple brackets each year to cover different scenarios. So far, most of mine are on life support. It’s not pretty.

I had both Arizona and Tennessee going further than they did. I certainly did not foresee Virginia falling by 20 to UMBC. I doubt anyone who didn’t graduate from the University of Maryland at Baltimore County did.

Every year, I have delusions of grandeur. I always think at the very beginning that this could possibly be the year that I get one of my brackets 100% right. That usually lasts until maybe halfway through the first day of the tournament.

The odds are that somewhere out there, somebody’s got a perfect bracket. Someone picked that 16 seed to win. Not me. Probably not most of you.

Usually at some point, I give up on my brackets and start pulling for as many upsets as possible. But not just yet.


I Feel Naked

Note: there’s no actual nudity in this post. I just wanted to get your attention. Now that I have it, guess what? I left my phone at work, so I really do feel naked.

My car was in the shop getting the brakes worked on and a co-worker was dropping me off after work. In all the hustle and bustle, I walked right out the side door and left my phone sitting on my desk, where it will likely remain until Monday morning.

I suppose I’ll find out exactly how addicted I am to my phone in the next two days.

If that’s the worst thing that happens to me, I suppose I’m doing alright. I think I can live 48 or so hours without a phone to stare at. It’s probably good that I’m currently off social media. Now, I’ll have a mini-fast from my phone.

Wish me luck.




I’m waiting on my retro Nolan Ryan jersey to arrive in the mail. If it’s anything close to the picture on the ebay listing, then I will be thrilled.

I feel like I spend a lot of my life waiting. It’s exhausting at times and scary at times but always worth whatever time it takes.

I remember when I found out that Mafiaoza’s was coming to The Factory in Franklin. It felt like forever. I drove by several times and it seemed like nothing was happening. Then boom, one day there it was, all filled with customers and glorious pizza.

Most of us will spend most of our lives waiting on one thing or another, whether that be a spouse or a career or a place to live.

I still don’t believe that waiting is sitting idly by, like waiting for the phone to ring.

I believe waiting involves action.

That action is mainly preparing yourself to receive what it is that you’re waiting for.

The Bible says that those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. Again, it’s not an idle and passive kind of waiting, but one that involves surrender and constantly being vigilant to the voice of God.

As my pastor has said more than once, when God calls you, you won’t have time to get ready. You’ll have to be ready. And waiting is the process of being made ready to answer God’s call when it comes.

Waiting is hard. The temptation is always there to give up or to take matters into your own hands to achieve your own desired outcome. Sometimes, the bravest part of waiting is simply showing up and not giving up for one more day, one more hour, one more minute.

Good things come to those who wait, not passively and idly, but with expectation and readiness.


Those Crazy Walking Dead

I’m current on the latest season of The Walking Dead after finally getting around to the  most recent episode.

I have two thoughts:

  1. It’s time for Negan and the Saviors to go away. He made a crafty villain and a worthy adversary, but the whole Saviors Versus Rick & Company is getting a little old.
  2. I love how Rick and his crew always seem to find each other, no matter how many times they get separated. That could be the running theme of the show– how friendship and love win out, even in the zombie apocalypse.

I’ll be a good boy and not give away any spoilers from Season 8. I will say that there have been some very unexpected twists and turns so far. It’s not for the feint of heart (or of stomach) but it’s still one of the best series out there at the moment.

I’m reminded that I’m better off when I’m in community. The Bible doesn’t teach any kind of Lone Ranger Christianity. In fact, it says that that kind of faith is most liable to temptation.

We as the Body of Christ are truly better together. Your strengths make up for my weaknesses, and visa versa.

That old song by Sanctus Real is right. We do need each other.