My Last Night of Dog-Sitting

I periodically get the privilege of dog-sitting. It’s one of my most favorite things to take care of other peoples’ puppies and kittens. I’d almost do it for free. Almost.

This time, I looked after three dogs, two beagle mixes and a Jack Russell mix. Two are rescues that were leery of me at first but have since warmed up to me in a big way. The other is a lovable goofball who is always fun to be around.

Tonight’s the last night. 

Basically, it’s been a low-key night of Netflix and couching it with the Three Pup-eteers. Not a whole lot of excitement or high energy, but a good night nonetheless.

While, I’ll be glad to get back to Peanut, my little Torti kitten, I’ll miss hanging out with these guys (well technically, two gals and one guy). They’re all super affectionate and cuddly.

I’m hoping I get more opportunities in the future to dog-sit for these (and maybe other) pups. Maybe even a cat or two.

Check me out on Facebook under Critter Sitter if you want more details and live in the Nashville area.

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