I’m tired. As in I’m worn out, kaput, done for the day, finished. But it’s a good kind of tired.

I think of it this way. The bad kind of tired for me happened a lot when I was out of work. If I felt like I wasted my day doing nothing, I could still go to bed feeling tired, but it was the kind where I didn’t feel like I accomplished anything. The tiredness felt more like a lethargy, almost like a heaviness to my limbs.

The good kind of tired happened today after a full day’s work. I can look back and see accomplishments and progress. This tiredness feels more like the satisfaction after a good meal or the sense of joy after a good hike.

I’m thankful for a job that challenges me physically and mentally. I’m thankful for health that allows me to exert energy and be active throughout the day. I’m thankful for rest that comes to those who are weary.

I generally tend to sleep better when I’m the good kind of tired. The good news is that tomorrow is National Sleep-In Day, also known as Saturday. 

I haven’t decided if dogs and cats have good and bad kinds of tired. I think whenever they get tired, wherever they are, is the best place for a nap. That’s not at all a bad philosophy.


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