Two Things You Can Do Right Now

I believe that there are two important things you can do right now. Well, maybe not at 9:45 on a Wednesday night, but starting tomorrow.

You can give blood and you can recycle.

That’s it. This is your assignment.

There’s always such a shortage of blood, so you are really making a difference and saving people’s lives. This truly is life blood you’re giving.

My dad had surgery a few years ago that required a lot of blood. Thankfully, he had what he needed, thanks to donors who gave willingly. Some others may not be so fortunate.

You can recycle. We throw away an obscene amount of garbage. We also throw away plastic and aluminum cans that could be recycled.

We don’t have an infinite amount of landfill space. One day, sooner than later, we will run out. When you choose to recycle, you are at least taking something out of taking up space and further polluting the environment.

Remember, give blood and recycle. Give blood and recycle.

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