To Be Seen

I still remember the very first person I met my first time at Kairos. Her name was Amy Bradshaw, and she was a volunteer.

I remember that she made me feel welcome, like I belonged. She always was willing to listen to me and ask me about my day and how it went.

I believe she moved to Knoxville and got married a few years back. I also believe that if I live to be 101, I will never forget that feeling of welcome and belonging.

I think one of the greatest needs in this day and age is to be seen. People long for someone else to notice them and validate their existence, saying in essence, “You are not alone. You will not struggle alone. I will be a witness to your life.”

Too many feel invisible and unwanted. It’s tragic that many will live and die with no legacy to leave behind and no one to leave it to. 

Maybe the most powerful thing you can do for someone is to see them. All it takes sometimes is a smile and a friendly word as simple as a “Hello.”

Thanks, Amy. Your simple act of kindness did not pass unnoticed.

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