The Way of the Rabbi

“To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world” (Karl Barth).

I’m still not a fan of politics. To me, it seems that politics and political views become an excuse used by too many to disobey Jesus’ teaching on loving and praying for your enemies. It becomes the justification to belittle and mock the other side, often celebrating when they fail. That is not the way of the Rabbi.

I hear the word tolerance bandied about quite a bit lately, but what it usually means is tolerance for those whose views match your own. That is not the way of the Rabbi.

Jesus never told us to tolerate each other. He said to love each other, even your enemies. He said to pray even for those who persecute you, to go the extra mile for that enemy, to turn the other cheek. 

He said to render to Caesar the things that belong to Caesar, and to God the things that are God’s. He said this about the Caesar whose administration actively oppressed the people of Israel.

Jesus believed that love is what ultimately conquers evil, not hate or animosity or fear-mongering or resistance for the sake of resistance.

Jesus never minced His words, yet His harshest words were for those who used religion to exclude rather than to include people. 

Let us never condemn or despise those for whom Jesus died, but love them as He loved them, even forgiving those who murdered Him while they were in the very act.

That is the way of the Rabbi.


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