A Little Love Goes A Long Way

I still vividly recall a year ago when I had a bout of pneumonia. My cat Lucy comforted me and helped me in my recovery. She loved me well again.

It still makes my heart hurt that I wasn’t able to love her well again during her last illness. I truly believe that if my love could have made her well, she’d live forever. I believe that it as her love for me that allowed her to stay with me as long as she did.

Then this little gal came into my life. She rescued me from my sadness with her charm and spunk.

Even though I’m still getting used to this new normal, I feel blessed that I’m able to give Peanut a love she might never have known and to pay forward the love Lucy gave me.

I’m dreaming of the day when there will be no more loss or pain or grief. I’m hoping for the day Jesus will turn the world right side up again and forever end the tyranny of evil and lies.

At the end of the day, I’m blessed to have known such love and to still be able to pass it on. The legacy continues.

One thought on “A Little Love Goes A Long Way

  1. Congratulation on Peanut now being in your life. She is adorable and I can see how loved and secure she feels. I’m sure Lucy would approve.

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