Rescued by a Cat

I went to the local animal shelter with every intention of rescuing a kitten. I had a certain type in mind. 

I even had a kitten in my carrier about to sign the papers when this scrawny tortoise shell ball of fur started meowing at me and reaching at me through the bars of her cage.

I went to where she was and put my hand through the bars and she immediately began rubbing her face against it and purring loudly. She stole my heart in that moment.

As it turns out, she was literally rescued from the middle of the interstate. Today, she rescued me.

I know that nothing will ever replace my Lucy. That was a beautiful 17 year dream that will live in my heart.

Still, I found something I can love and be loved by so I can pay forward the love Lucy gave me.

I haven’t named her yet, but she’s the cuddliest little critter I’ve ever known. God willing, I look forward to at least 17 years with this one.


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