Pay the Love Forward

I will never not miss this little angel of mine. Even now my heart still hurts a little because she’s not here with me.

I most keenly feel her absence at night when it gets quiet and still. That’s when she was always nearby.

Tomorrow my plan is to go adopt another kitten from the local shelter. Not because I love my Lucy any less, but because there’s such an abundance of love in my heart from those 17 beautiful years that needs to be passed on.

Maybe that’s how you can finally move past the sharp grief of losing a loved one. You take all the love left in your heart from them and pay it forward to someone who needs it most.

Perhaps you adopt an animal from a shelter. Or serve the homeless. Or mentor a young child. Or maybe just love those around you through acts of kindness and service.

Don’t let all the love die with you. Pay it forward.

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