You’re Still Here

At some point, I remembered something I read on the inter-webs. Possibly. Or maybe I heard it from someone. Or maybe I dreamed it. Any of these is a distinct possibility at 10:46 pm on a Friday night after a week where I swear my brain matter was oozing out my ears at one point.

“If you’re still breathing, anything’s possible.”

Here’s the good news that you’ve been waiting to hear. You may have had the most crap-tacular week ever, but guess what? You’re still here.

You may be dealing with family crises and health issues and financial woes and a very uncertain future, but you know what? You’re still here.

I still believe that none of us are here accidentally. The fact that you and I are still around, still exchanging oxygen for carbon monoxide, still pumping that blood through our veins, means that God is not yet done with us. God still has a purpose for you and me.

Take heart. The fact that you’re alive means that your story is still being written and that the new chapter may be a complete surprise with joy just around the corner. God is crazy like that.

Glenne Headly, a great actress, passed away today at the age of 62. Lots of other people that you’ll probably never hear about also died today. But you didn’t. You lived to tell the tale for at least another 24 hours. That means something.

So be thankful and be intentional not to take for granted your one and only life. Make it count. Live in such a way that the world around you is better off for you having been in it.

And remember, you’re still here. As my old boss said to me, any day without a toe tag is a good day. Look ma, no toe tags!




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