Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


As I type these words, I have a very sleepy geriatric feline nearby helping me to keep it all in perspective. Her little world revolves around eating and napping (and the occasional poop). It’s that simple.

Earlier this evening, I was thinking about all that we tend to stress and worry about. In the grand scheme of things, in view of eternity, 99.9% of these things don’t really matter.

I imagine that two years from now, I won’t even remember what I was so obsessed and stressed over on this June 2, 2017. If it won’t matter two years from now, why should it matter now?

I still say that everyone needs a dog or a cat to remind them of life’s simple pleasures and the ultimate joy of not taking yourself seriously. And sometimes, naps really are the answer to whatever’s ailing you.

The ultimate delusion that keeps most of us up at night is that we’re in complete control and it’s up to us to orchestrate all the events and occurrences in our lives so that our plans work out just right.

Pets are good reminders that we’re not and it’s best not to even try. Just enjoy your life and do what you can and trust God for the rest.

As the old saying goes, don’t sweat the small stuff– and most of it is small.



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