Sorry, I Got Distracted

I was scrolling through Facebook looking for something to inspire my newest blog post, but instead I got distracted, thanks to my ADD kicking into high gear.

Then I thought to myself, maybe this is the topic. How many of us get distracted on a daily basis from what really and truly matters most? We let the tyranny of the urgent keep us from focusing on what’s most important.

Checking off all those tasks on the to-do list is a good thing but not if it keeps us from spending time with loved ones. Especially not if it keep us from spending time with God. This culture celebrates being in a hurry and being busy all the time, yet it feels like so many of us are failing where it really counts in terms of being connected with each other and finding true fulfillment.

None of us will automatically drift into spiritual maturity. We will not obtain holiness through osmosis by sleeping with a Bible underneath our pillows at night. It takes deliberate effort and discipline.

I can’t remember how many days it takes for an action to become a habit, but it takes doing something every single day for it to finally take.

The lesson we need to learn is that if you completely mess up and get distracted, don’t beat yourself up. Remember that tomorrow is as good a day as any to start again. That’s the beauty of new mercies every morning.

Additional note: I got distracted again and decided to research how many days it actually takes to form a habit. The answer they gave is not 21 but 66 days. The answer I’m telling you is to keep at it for as long as it takes until it becomes second nature.

In other words, don’t give up.


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