“Lord, Thank You
I am not the mistakes I have made.
I am not the plans I have failed.
I am not the wrongs I have done.
I am not forgotten.
I am not abandoned.
I am not alone.
Because You say to the lost: Come.
You say to the Unlikely: Beloved
You say to the Battle Weary: Rest.
In a hard and beautiful world,
Your grace is the only pillowed relief for my tired soul
to rest in the Your making all things new” #HonestPrayers (Ann Voskamp).

Mondays are still rude. They still have a way of sneaking up on you and sucker punching you in the face just when you’re enjoying your Sunday mode of relaxation.

Mondays seem to be the day when Murphy’s Law applies the most. Anything and everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Or so it seems.

Lord, thank You that I am not the sum of my performance on Monday. Thank You that I am not as good or as bad as I feel at 5 am.

Thank You that even the worst of days still only lasts only 24 hours and that each new morning is a new start with new mercies and never-ending faithfulness. God is still faithful.

Even on Mondays that are middle of the road, not terrible and not great, Your presence and Your peace are always available upon request. All we have to do is ask anew for each new day.

Tomorrow’s Tuesday, so we’ve already managed to live through 1/5 of the week. I count that as a good start. In reality, any morning where you see the sun and feel the breeze and get to be alive is a good day.

As my old boss used to say, any day without a toe tag is a good day. I still agree!



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