You Are Not Less

I love my Mom. I love the fact that there’s a Sunday in May dedicated to mothers just like her who have sacrificed and devoted themselves to their families in ways we will never even begin to repay.

I also am aware that Mother’s Day doesn’t have the same joy for everyone. Some feel shamed and some feel heartbroken on this day. Some are made to feel (whether intentionally or not) like they are less of a person and less of a woman on this day.

I want to send this out to those reading who may fall into one of these categories that you are not less.

You are not less if you have chosen not to have children in your marriage because of your own convictions.

You are not less if you have chosen not to get married in order to devote yourself more fully to missions and the service of God.

You are not less if you struggle with infertility and have tried vainly for years to have children. That doesn’t make you any less of a woman of God.

You are not less if you lost a child due to either miscarriage or still birth. It’s not your fault and God is not punishing you.

You are not less if you gave your child up for adoption long ago. Perhaps God knew that the people who raised your child would be better able to meet their needs at that time than you would have been.

While being a wife and mother are beautiful and important roles, they are not your primary role as a believer. You are first and foremost a child, a daughter, of God. If you fail to live that out, you will not truly live out your marriage and family to the fullest. If you do embrace your role as child of your Abba, then the rest will be better for it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, whether the children are biologically your or not, whether you even have children or not.

You still matter very much to God and you are not less.



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