May Day: Seven Years Later

As I was hiking through Radnor Lake State Park on this picture perfect day, it hit me. Seven years ago, the rains started that led to the floods that devastated much of the Greater Nashville area.

Seven years ago, I saw a portable school building floating down an interstate that looked more like a river than a highway. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much rain in a 48-hour period in my entire life (and I hope I never do again).

It wasn’t just a bit of flash floods here and there. It was called the 1000-year flood for a reason because Nashville hadn’t seen anything like this in a very, very long time.

Not only did we survive, we have thrived since. Nashville is back and better than ever.

I was reminded yet again that in the life of faith, whatever we may suffer or lose cannot begin to compare to what we gain in the end. Any loss or pain we go through doesn’t come close to matching the glory that awaits and the inheritance that is ours in Christ.

It’s easy to lose perspective in the daily grind and forget that Jesus has already overcome all that we face (or will ever face). There’s nothing that was or is or will be that God can’t work to our good and His glory, nothing that can ever separate us even for a moment from His love.

I still remember seeing the words on someone’s garage door just days after the flood subsided: Storms leave. Love shines. We Survive.

That’s still true because the same Jesus who spoke peace to the waves can still speak healing and peace and victory to the hearts that need it most today.



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