Jeff Buckley on the Brain

I’ve been listening to a whole lot of Jeff Buckley lately.

I’m well aware that most people probably have no idea who he is (or was, since he died in 1997 in an accidental drowning).

He was the son of Tim Buckley, a very famous and accomplished folk musician. Jeff was very gifted in his own right with an amazing voice. Although he only released one official album during his lifetime, he left behind a wealth of music that begs the question of what he might have become had he lived.

All of us have known people who died with untapped potential and unrealized talent. So many died so very young, way before it was their time. Too many who could have contributed beautiful things into the sometimes grey world we live in.

In Jeff’s case, he did leave behind that one fantastic album which features his cover of the Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujah,” which became famous in the wake of the 9/11 attacks four years after his death. That’s the one song that most everybody knows but which very few know who sang it.

I myself know very little about the man. I only know that though he’s dead, his music still speaks to those who are discovering his unique artistry.

What’s the point? Don’t die and leave behind unfulfilled dreams because they were dangerous and scary. Step outside of what’s safe and pursue what’s in your heart, even if it doesn’t succeed like you want it to. At least you will have tried.

Also, listen to Jeff Buckley’s music. It’s great. Some of it has a raw and unfinished quality, but even then there’s beauty to be found. It’s not safe and predictable radio-friendly music, but it’s good. It’s sometimes a little scary, but it can also be haunting and  lovely as well.






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