Billion Year Perspective

“A whole human life is just a heartbeat here in Heaven” (from What Dreams May Come).

I heard someone comment recently about having a billion year perspective and the more I think about it, the more I like it and the more it makes sense.

The billion year perspective chooses to look at everything that happens in life through the lens of eternity. Even a billion years is barely a dot on the timeline in view of eternity, much less the 80-90 years most of us get in this lifetime.

It’s much easier to get your priorities realigned when you realize that much of what you obsess and fret over currently won’t matter even the tiniest little bit in the grand scheme.

It makes the bad stretches easier. When you realize that while you may not like where you are in life, it won’t last forever, it changes how you handle it. You’re more inclined to be able to bear up under adversity than to buckle underneath it.

It makes it easier to pray for your enemies and for those who persecute you (even for those evil nasty Trumps or Clintons, depending on your political persuasion). You can forgive easier once you know that the pain is light and momentary compared to that eternal weight of glory that’s coming.

As the dreaded Monday approaches, it’s helpful to keep that billion year perspective in mind and realize that even the worst days still only last 24 hours and nothing you go through is unendurable if you keep eternity and God’s love in mind. If you bear in mind that God still works all things together for good, then you can make it though anything.




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