The Road Goes on Forever

If you ever get the chance to see Robert Earl Keen in concert, go. Take a second mortgage on the home, sell a kidney, or donate all your plasma if you have to, but go see this guy.

I saw him tonight at the Franklin Theatre with one of the best backing bands around, and they were in rare form. They played for just over two hours, and there wasn’t a bad song in the bunch.

By the time of the concert, I was tired. I had been up since 5 am, plus I walked over God’s creation in cowboy boots (which I do not recommend), so my feet were killing me. Still, none of that deterred me from having a great time.

I rank this up in my top five best concerts ever. Here’s a set list of somgs from the concert (copied from another concert but mostly accurate):  99 Years For One Dark Day, Footprint in the Snow, Willie, A Border Tragedy, Merry Christmas From the Family, Ride, Shades of Gray, Feelin’ Good Again, Gringo Honeymoon, I Gotta Go, Something I Do, Play a Train Song, 10,000 Chinese Walk Into a Bar, and of course, The Road Goes on Forever.

A good time was had by all (especially me).


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