Wisdom from The Walking Dead

“Anything is possible as long as your heart is still beating” (Father Gabriel Stokes, The Walking Dead).

I love me some Walking Dead. I confess this season hasn’t been my favorite, but I tune in weekly to see what crazy post-apocalyptic antics will ensue with these characters I’ve come to know so well.

I never thought I’d get such a deep spiritual moment like the one I got when Father Gabriel said the above quote. In Baptist terms, “That’ll preach, bro.”

How true that is.

As long as you’re alive and as long as you have a heartbeat, you have a purpose and you still matter.

No matter what you’ve been through or are going through, no matter how messed up you feel, the reality is that God still has you around for a reason.

You may feel like giving up on God, the world, and yourself, but don’t think for one second that God will ever give up on you. While you still have breath in your body, God still has a purpose for you that’s uniquely yours and no one else’s.

On a side note, I love how Father Gabriel’s character has grown and matured since he was introduced on the show a few seasons back. He started out as a coward who essentially hid behind his clerical collar but has since evolved into someone who is able to not only contribute to the community but also make a difference. Plus, he had the best line of the episode, hands down.

Note to the reader: I realize that I’m a bit behind. I finally got around to watching the episode I recorded on Sunday and it was worth the wait. I’m actually beginning to have hopes that the season will end on a much higher note than it began.



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