Something from 6 Years Ago

I wrote these words exactly six years ago and just read them again for the first time tonight. It was inspired by the story of the woman with the blood flow issue who merely had to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment in order to be healed.

“It’s amazing how in a crowd, Jesus can still find you and speak just what you need to hear right into your heart. How He can feel you grasping the hem of His garment out of all the people reaching for Him. How He hears your cries in the midst of the multitude of noises, even when you can’t find a voice. He knows all about you and loves you anyway. Let that be your praise today!”

I hope these words will echo and resonate with you today as you know more fully that Jesus loves you as if you were the only one to love and would have gone to the cross if you had been the only one to die for.



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