Pray Boldly

I probably need to start off with a disclaimer. I’m not advocating the prosperity gospel, name it claim it, blab it grab it, kind of theology here. I don’t think God’s purpose is to satisfy our every whim and desire, no matter how foolish or ridiculous.

I do think sometimes we have a reactionary response and go too far in the other direction. Sometimes, I don’t think we pray boldly enough.

When someone you know is seriously ill, it’s safer to pray for wisdom for the doctors. It feels not quite as risky to pray for the medicines and operations to work.

While those are all good and well, I wonder if God wants us to pray more boldly than that.

Do I believe God will heal every sickness every time? No.

Do I believe that God wants us to pray for healing every time? I think so.

My Bible says to ask. It says to keep asking, keep seeking, and keep knocking until God responds. Keep praying boldly even if the answer sometimes isn’t what you wanted.

The underlying question is this: do you really believe deep down that God wants what’s best for you? Do you think God has the power to bring it about?

I’ve come to believe that when God says no, it’s not because He’s punishing us. It’s usually because He’s seeing the bigger picture and has something way better than what we’re asking for. We’re thinking finite and temporary while God is thinking infinite and eternal.

Still, God says to ask. He also says that we don’t get what we don’t ask for. So pray boldly and keep praying boldly. As you grow closer to the heart of God, you may find your prayers changing as your will aligns with His. Still keep praying boldly.

I think that says it all.



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