Some Sorta Kinda Bucket List Items

I don’t know if these qualify for actual bucket list activities, but I’ve thought of a few things I’d like to accomplish during my lifetime:

  1. I’d like to ride in a train with an actual sleeping compartment where I’d spend at least one night.
  2. I want to make a pilgrimage to the New England area during the fall to see the changing leaves, with a stopover in Mystic, Connecticut for some of their pizza.
  3. I still want to see U2 in concert while they’re still around.
  4. I think it’s be a grand adventure to go back to Memphis over a weekend and see all those places I missed while I was living there — Graceland, the MLK museum, etc.
  5. I’m hoping to go on at least one overseas mission trip for at least a week.
  6. I want to lose weight and get back down to 150-155 pounds again.
  7. I’d love to get together for an evening with some of my old Union University friends and reminisce about back in the day.
  8. There are a lot more dreams and goals and aspirations that I’ll probably add in the coming days as I think of them. Stay tuned.

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