It’s Still a Dog-Sitter’s Life

I’m back dog-sitting on this lovely Thanksgiving evening. I’m thankful that ol’ Millie is still around for me to take care of her again. She even gave me an enthusiastic greeting when I walked through the garage door earlier.

I still think most of us could learn a lot from dogs. They know how to appreciate the little things that most of us take for granted, like going for walks or enjoying your foot or getting a nice head rub. Not nearly enough humans appreciate the joys of a good head rub.

Yes, I just about ate myself into a tryptophan-induced food coma. I probably gained 15 pounds, but it was well worth it. On a side note, I have to give props to my nephew Ethan for his help with the meal. We just might have the Food Channel’s next new star in the works.

But after all that, I’m hanging out with a friendly geriatric dog who is currently snoozing away (which I will be doing very shortly). It could be all that tryptophan from earlier.

That’s another lesson people could learn from dogs– when you’re tired, take a nap or go to bed. Too many of us wreck our health by not listening to our internal clocks and pushing ourselves beyond what we were intended to bear. Rest is not weakness. Rest is simply confessing that you’re human and can’t pretend to do it all.

So that’s it. I’m thankful for being able to dog-sit this friendly old gal who I still hope lives to be at least 20 so I can have many more dog-sitting opportunities in the future.




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