Thanks-living: 2016 Edition

‘Go through His gates, giving thanks; walk through His courts, giving praise. Offer Him your gratitude and praise His holy name. Because the Eternal is good, His loyal love and mercy will never end, and His truth will last throughout all generations” (Psalm 100:4-5VOICE).

Tomorrow’s the day we give thanks. Well, for most of us, it’s a day to eat ourselves into tryptophan-induced food comas and then become one with the couch for the next several hours watching a) football b) Netflix or c) Christmas movies (for those who like to get a jump on the season).

Maybe today’s a good day to start– on the thanksgiving part.

You don’t have to relegate gratitude to one day out of the year. In fact, the Bible commands us to give thanks in every circumstance. Note: it does not say to give thanks FOR every circumstance but IN every circumstance.

Don’t have any thing to be thankful for?

Did you wake up this morning? Check.

Did you have at least one meal today? Check.

Do you have a roof over your head right now? Check.

Do you have more clothes than what’s on your back? Check.

Did you drink a glass of water that wasn’t contaminated by bacteria and uncleanness? Check.

The point is that even if you don’t have every single thing you want, you still have a lot. You have more than enough to live in gratitude and thanksgiving for the rest of your life.

So give thanks. Better yet, live your thanks. Show your gratitude for what you have by paying it forward to those who have less. Be kind and generous with everyone. Even yourself.

Tomorrow, be sure to eat lots of your favorite foods, whether that be turkey, ham, tofurkey, or even tofu. I recommend trying a little of everything and saving room for dessert.



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