More Hump Day Weirdness

Hopefully by now you’ve grown accustomed to the occasional random blog posts from me. I could say that they’re exercises in expanding my creativity and practicing free-thought expression, but really they’re just the things I write when I can’t think of anything organized to say. It happens more frequently than I’d like.

I’m still taking trips in the Tardis, visiting the Doctor and all his companions. For the non-Whovians out there, that means I’ve been watching more episodes of Doctor Who. I’m on the series with Matt Smith, and while he’s quite good, he’s still no David Tennant. And don’t get me started on the lack of Rose Tyler.

As always, there are precious few things better than a sleeping/snoring/purring animal next to you at night to keep you company. Those furry little guardian angels are the best.

I love that it’s fall weather, but us Tennesseans could sure use some rain to get some of the crud out of the air. I can’t remember it ever being so dry around here. If you happen to have a few rain clouds, send ’em my way, please and thank you.

My old-school musical journey continues. I’m currently listening to Ernest Tubb in the car, with Ray Price and Porter Wagoner next in line. I think everyone should experience music recorded before they were born.

If you’re wondering what I want for Christmas, I’d still like one of those red Mini-Coopers. I’m also wanting an Apple Watch and one of those Nintendo Classic gaming systems that are rumored to exist (though I have yet to see a real live one with my own eyes).

My cat Lucy is currently snoring away beside me. I think that’s my cue to wrap this up and call it a night. That and the fact that it’s 11:09 pm. That’s past my bedtime, folks.



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