Approaching Advent


I should just drop the proverbial mic and walk away after this. That sums up everything I wanted to say tonight.

I do want to add something. If you really and truly want to be Christ to your family and friends and neighbors, here’s what you don’t want to do:

  1. Don’t shame those who think and vote differently than you. Not everyone who voted for the “other” candidate is a close-minded racist or a bleeding heart baby-killer. No, the opposing candidate is not evil. Just because you dislike them doesn’t make them Hitler. Above all, love your enemies. That’s what Jesus taught us to do.
  2. Don’t pledge your allegiance to a political party. Your allegiance belongs solely and completely to Jesus.
  3. Don’t disengage from those who have differing opinions. We all win when both sides can learn from each other instead of throwing barbs at each other from a distance.

Here are a few dos to consider in the weeks approaching the Advent season:

  1. Do forgive early and often (even if the person needing forgiveness is you).
  2. Err on grace rather than judgement (even when it comes to people like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, because they too share the image of God and need grace as much as the rest of us).
  3. Cultivate a grateful and generous heart toward others, not because they deserve it but because you too have been the recipient of love and mercy from God Himself.
  4. Do something for someone who can never begin to repay you and discover the reward simply in the giving.
  5. Pray for those you love. Pray for those you hate. Pray as often as is humanly possible and then pray more. Just pray.

Advent is coming and hopefully it will bring out the better angels of our nature. Remember that your hope lies not in a conservative or a liberal platform but in the Savior whose birth we’re about to celebrate.

The end.


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