One Last Bit of Voting Advice

By this time tomorrow, we will know who the 45th President of the United States is going to be (God willing). All the votes will be in and counted and one side or the other will have a majority (again, God willing).

I have one last bit of advice for those of you still yet to cast your ballots (and for those who already have): Remember that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are human beings created in the image of God and died for by Jesus.

It’s easy in the heat of battle to dehumanize the opposition and make them evil monsters with no trace of humanity or feelings. It’s equally easy to do the same to those who follow said opposition.

I seem to remember what Jesus told us in regard to those we consider our enemies– He told us to pray for them. He did not mean pray for bad things like hemorrhoids or infinite paper cuts. He meant pray for them like you would want to be prayed for.

That’s it. That’s all my advice. Remember that both Hillary and Donald have worth and value because they bear the imago dei (the image of God). Remember that you do, too. All of us do.

Also never forget to pray for both of them, whatever the outcome, regardless of where you cast your vote. Pray for those whose ideologies are different than yours, who see the world differently than you. In case you missed what I’m getting at, just pray.

Oh, I almost forgot to remind you of one more thing. The day after tomorrow, when we know who the President-elect is, Jesus will still be in charge. He will still be on the throne of the universe. I believe that trumps whoever is the next President.



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