Endings and Beginnings

“When Aslan said, ‘Now make an end.’ The giant . . . stretched out one arm—very black it looked, and thousands of miles long—across the sky till his hand reached the Sun. He took the Sun and squeezed it in his hand as you would squeeze an orange. And instantly there was total darkness.

Everyone except Aslan jumped back from the ice-cold air which now blew through the Doorway. Its edges were already covered with icicles.

‘Peter, High King of Narnia,’ said Aslan. ‘Shut the Door.’

Peter, shivering with cold, leaned out into the darkness and pulled the Door to. . . . Then, rather clumsily (for even in that moment his hands had gone numb and blue) he took out a golden key and locked it.

They had seen strange things enough through that Doorway. But it was stranger than any of them to look round and find themselves in warm daylight, the blue sky above them, flowers at their feet, and laughter in Aslan’s eyes.

He turned swiftly round, crouched lower, lashed himself with his tail and shot away like a golden arrow.

‘Come further in! Come further up!’ he shouted over his shoulder. . . .

‘So,’ said Peter, ‘night falls on Narnia. What, Lucy! You’re not crying? With Aslan ahead, and all of us here?’

‘Don’t try to stop me, Peter,’ said Lucy, ‘I am sure Aslan would not. I am sure it is not wrong to mourn for Narnia. . . .’

‘Yes and I did hope,’ said Jill, ‘that it might go on forever. I knew our world couldn’t. I did think Narnia might.’

‘I saw it begin,’ said the Lord Digory. ‘I did not think I would live to see it die.’

‘Sirs,’ said Tirian. ‘The ladies do well to weep. See, I do so myself. I have seen my mother’s death. What world but Narnia have I ever known? It were no virtue, but great discourtesy, if we did not mourn.'” (C. S. Lewis, The Last Battle).

Sometimes, new beginnings and new chapters in the story God is writing require that there also be endings. It’s okay to mourn the endings as we celebrate the beginnings. 

It also means that for every ending we thought we could not bear, there’s always a new beginning birthed in the process. 


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