Just a Reminder: November 2016 Edition

I wanted to pass out a quick reminder before I pass out for the night: err on the side of grace, especially now during this intense (and ridiculous) election season.

No matter who they voted for, show grace. Even if they voted for the “enemy”, show grace.

Remember that you were once the enemy that God so loved and that Jesus died for so that you who were far away and without hope could be brought near and shown mercy.

For good or ill, the election ends in 6 days. We still have to live with each other. Even politics is no excuse for disobedience to Jesus in terms of loving each other.

If you’re a sports team and your team wins, show grace. If your team loses, show grace. People remember what you said and how you acted long after the games and scores have been forgotten.

So in case you missed the main point, here it is again: err on the side of grace.

That’s it. Short and to the point.

Good night out there. May God’s grace keep and sustain you in these coming days.



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