Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

I am a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan. Admitting that, I also have to confess that I am ecstatic that the Chicago Cubs are back in the World Series for the first time since 1945. That breaks the longest streak not playing in a championship series of any of the teams in any of the four major sports leagues.

I will also confess that when the Cubs went down 2 games to 1 against the Los Angeles Dodgers, I thought, “Oh well, it was a nice run. Maybe next year.”

But miracles still happen and good things still happen to those who keep waiting expectantly.

That’s my takeaway. Don’t give up and keep believing for your miracle.

Are you single and wanting to get married? Don’t give up.

Are you married and desperately wanting to have children? Don’t give up.

Are you working hard and waiting for that breakthrough in your career? Don’t give up.

Above all, don’t give up on God because He hasn’t given up on you. God’s timing may not line up with yours, but He always comes through at the perfect time.

If God doesn’t give you what you desire, it usually means that He’s got something better in store for you. It also means that He has a much bigger picture in mind than you do that involves a whole lot more than just you.

Above all that is going on in your life, know that God is always good and always does what is best for His children. That’s still true.

It appears that Back to the Future Part II was just a year off in its prognosis of the future. Since this World Series features the aforementioned Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, neither who have won World Series titles since the 50’s, I hope they will have a completely throwback series with both teams wearing vintage uniforms. That would be really cool (in case any of the powers that be are reading this right now).

So keep believing and go Cubs!




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