One in a Million

I’m in this apologetics class at my church and today we talked about a lot of things that made my brain hurt. Let’s just say that I think that whoever decided to put the alphabet in math was evil.

Still, it’s good to be challenged and stretched outside of your normal comfort zone. It’s important to know how to defend what you believe and why you believe it.

One of the factoids that grabbed my attention was how the odds of sustainable life in the universe were so infinitesimally small that it’s a miracle in and of itself that any of us are here. Really.

The odds of everything on this planet being just right and the earth being in just the right place to bring about life are 1 in a number with a lot of zeros. Like as in more than Donald Trump’s net worth. More than the cost of an apartment in downtown Nashville.

I remember the saying that if you have a hard time believing in miracles, remember that you are one.

God didn’t bring you about in the face of those odds for nothing. You have a purpose. You matter.

Each day you wake up is a gift. Every breath you take is grace. Every moment you witness is a Eucharisteo (a word I’m borrowing from Ann Voskamp that essentially means thanks-living).

How will you pay it forward? How will you live out your thanks to Almighty God? If life is a grand play and you get to contribute a verse, what will that verse be?

I know that life is too short to spend it nursing grudges and harboring bitterness. There’s too much beauty in the world to waste time in anger and impatience and greed.

So choose joy. Choose forgiveness. Choose freedom. Choose life.



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