No News Is Good News

I didn’t do much of anything all day today. Sometimes that is a good thing.

I avoided all the craziness around people who are freaking out over an alleged gas shortage due to a busted pipeline and creating an actual gas shortage. I stayed home all day.

I finished up The Walking Dead season 6 with a little bit of time to spare before the kickoff of season 7 on October 16. I also wrapped up The Wonder Years, which left me feeling supremely warm and nostalgic (even if the ending felt a little tacked-on and less than satisfying).

I cooked pizza in the oven with the cardboard still on. I suppose that makes me my mother’s son after all. You just can’t get away from genetics. I suppose that means that I’m not adopted after all.

I got lots of quality therapy time with my geriatric teenaged cat who has morphed into the world’s best lap cat and all-around cat-napper.

I still like to go out and have spontaneous adventures. I will still be periodically embarking on my tour of all things downtown Franklin. I do plan on getting out and about when fall descends and the weather gets crisp.

But today I stayed home. I slept late and did practically nothing all day. It was great.



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