Revisiting a Missionary Blessing

I wrote the original blessing four years ago. I feel like now is the time to revisit that blessing in light of what the following four years have taught me:

To my missionary friends everywhere:

May you always remember that everywhere you go is a mission field. There is really no such thing as coming home, only moving to a different missionary sphere of influence. No matter what, you are and will always be a missionary until the last one has heard of Jesus.

May you always cling to your convictions and beliefs as they are upheld and supported by the Word of God. When you compromised away your convictions for the sake of acceptance, you lose the very power of the gospel that changes lives and you end up no different than the people you wish to reach.

May you, while being strong in your convictions, also remember that it is more important to be reconciled than to be right. It does no good if you win the argument but lose a friend in the process.

May you always know that your weaknesses are not God’s curse on you. Rather, they are blessings. They are places where God’s power shines forth most brightly.

May you always remember that it is never too late to be who God made you to be and to fulfill His calling on your life. It’s never too late and you are never too far gone to serve.

May you never forget that God chose you because He wanted (and still wants) you. You have a special array of gifts, talents, and passions that only you possess, and your calling is one that only you can fulfill.


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