The Shortest Blog Ever?

I’ve been laying in bed, staring at my Mac for the last 20 minutes and thinking about something clever and witty to write about. Or really just something at all. Anything.

I went to our farm today to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Well, it really isn’t a farm, but it’s been in the family for a long, long time.

There are so many memories tied to that place that sometimes I get overwhelmed by them all and I start missing the people in my life that I used to see there. Today, I missed both my uncles and my grandparents in a way that was almost tangible.

Perhaps, the part to remember isn’t how much I miss them, but how lucky and blessed I was to have them in my life, even if that time didn’t seem long enough.

It reminds me to cherish the ones who are still in my life because I don’t ever know how long any of them will be there.

Maybe even I should cherish each day that I’m given because I (along with everyone else) am not guaranteed a tomorrow.


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