It’s a Ruff Life

So here I am, dog sitting again. Just me and the pooch, hanging out on a Friday night. I do lead the wild and crazy life.

The dog in question is Millie, who is at least 16 years old. You’d never guess it from the wildly enthusiastic greeting she gave me when I walked through the door. We’re buds.

I still think everyone needs a dog (or a cat) to help them to learn to slow down and savor the simple things, like a head rub or a good poop (which is highly underrated in my opinion) or a well-deserved nap. 

I read recently that true wealth isn’t about having more stuff but in having fewer wants. Dogs must be the richest creatures on the planet, because they are satisfied with the simple joys of life.

Lord, help me to be like that and to enjoy every momentary joy of this wonderful life as it comes my way and to not take any of it for granted. Amen.


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