There Will Be Days

How fortunate are those You discipline, O Eternal One,
    those You train by Your divine law;
You relieve them in times of distress,
    until a grave is dug for evildoers” (Psalm 94:12-13, The Voice).

There will be days when you’re not at your best. You won’t be 100% and you might even feel a bit fuzzy-headed.

There will be days when all the old fears and anxieties that you thought you had mastered come rushing back once more to haunt you.

There will be days when it feels like two steps forward and roughly about 9,998 steps backward.

There will be days when the lies seem so much easier to believe than God’s promises and God seems so very far away.

There will be days that you start off already feeling weary and worn even before your first cup of coffee.

God uses even these days to mature you and prune you and refine you. God works even these days for your ultimate good.

You can still find blessings and gifts on days like these if you know where to look and how to look in anticipation with joy and thanksgiving.

These days still only last 24 hours and not one second longer.

You will get through. God will see to it.



2 thoughts on “There Will Be Days

  1. Reblogged this on Using God's Word in Everyday Life and commented:
    The days of our lives will be full of peaks and valleys. It is easy to rejoice when things are going so well. It takes a great deal of strength to see the good while in the valley. Yet there is one thing that is good when we are at the low points of life. They remind us how much we need to the Lord to pull through them. Therefore, we have a choice, we could seek God in the valley, or we could grow bitter or anxious in the shadows, waiting anxiously for the return to the light.

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