Blinded by the Light

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about something I heard recently about the Apostle Paul. Hopefully, you’re familiar with the story of how Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus and how he was blinded by the radiance of the risen Christ.

The gist of what I heard was this: Paul’s subsequent blindness wasn’t from the absence of light but from too much of it. All Paul could see for the days and weeks that followed was the brilliant light of Jesus’ countenance. Even after, his sight was affected by this encounter (I think) to the point that he called it the thorn in his flesh.

That’s what I want. I want to be so captivated by the radiance of Jesus’ face to the point that He’s all I see. To the point where it changes the way I see everything else. To the point where everything else grows strangely dim in the glory of His resurrected presence. To the point where all the trinkets everyone else seems to be chasing lose their luster for me.

I want to be like Moses whose face literally glowed from the effects of his encounters with God, speaking face to face as with a friend. He was so transformed by his time with God that it unnerved people and they asked that he cover his face because it bothered them so much.

I don’t want people who meet me to say what a great guy I am or how witty or intelligent I am. I hope and pray they will remark on how wonderful Jesus is in the way He can take a single life and completely transform it. If they completely forget about me and remember that they encountered Jesus in a real and lasting way, I will have done what I was put on this earth to do.


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