Cherishing the Moments

It’s 10:43 and I am just about to call it a night. At this point, I feel like I could sleep straight through to next Wednesday. I’m that tired.

But it’s a good tired. I put it a full day’s work at my job, went to the last night of a fantastic Bible study class on the book of Revelation, then joined some friends for a birthday celebration dinner.

I had some classic music in the car as my soundtrack on my trek to all these places– first, I had Miles Davis’ E. S. P. Later, I put in Van Morrison’s Moondance. Nothing like going old-school. Not even annoying road construction could dampen the good vibes brought on by this good music.

I love that for the past few days, the weather has felt more like fall than spring. There’s even been a hint of chill in the air. I almost feel the need to bust out my flannel. Almost.

My old boss where I used to work would often say to me when I asked how her day was going, “Any day without a toe tag is a good day.”

Any day that I get to wake up and join in this business of living is a good day. Yet, as good as life is when you appreciate and give thanks for all those 1000 gifts and blessings, this is not as good as it gets. I got reminded again in the last chapter of Revelation. My best day here pales in comparison to what’s to come. My best day here doesn’t even come close to my worst day in heaven. Sure, any day without that toe tag is a good day.

The day that I wake up in the presence of Jesus will be an even better day.



One thought on “Cherishing the Moments

  1. I’ve literally sat a read one posts after another. Your obedience is inspiring and..plainly put, your words do stuff man. Even the “filler”posts. You’re a blessing. Never stop.

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