TGIF (Again)

This is one of those nights when the metaphorical well runs dry. I am laying in bed with my Mac and absolutely no idea of what to write about. Other than writing about not having anything to write about.

It’s Friday. That means not setting the alarm for 5:15 am. I call that a win.

Then again, having a job that requires me to set my alarm for 5:15 am is also a win.

As much as I sound like a broken record, I never get tired of saying that life is grace. If you know what to look for– through a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving– then you will never stop seeing grace. It’s everywhere.

You do truly find what you seek after. If you expect the worst, you will often see the world in a very fatalistic light. If you believe God is at work, you will see the results of His handiwork.

If you see everything good in your life as a gift, you will know that every moment of every day is grace and the fastest way to kill joy is to take the moments for granted.

So I am thankful for this one and only life that I’ve been given. May I live it back to God as a never-ending thank you.



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