2016 Elections and Other Such Nonsense

Apparently, we in America have two choices when it comes to electing a President. Only two choices. It’s either Donald “The Donald” Trump or Hilary Clinton.

Before you argue about third party candidates, let me say this. Yes, we do have lots of people running outside the two major parties, but I have yet to know their names, much less anything else about them. None of them have even a remotely realistic chance of winning.

It’s easy to get discouraged when none of the options seem appealing. I’m not optimistic about the next four to eight years.

It’s also important to remember that we are electing a President, not a Savior. That position has already been filled.

Bear this in mind if you’re feeling pessimistic about the country’s future. Whether we get Trump or Clinton (or even one of those others) as President, Jesus will be King. In four years when it’s time to go through the whole process again, Jesus will still be King. In fact, going back way before George Washington and even after the last President has come and gone, after the United States is no more, Jesus will still be on the throne.

In the end, it’s not Republicans or Democrats who ultimately win. Jesus wins. He’s the One who wipes away every tear and sets every wrong right. He’s the One who releases creation from its bondage and sets every captive free. He’s the One whose reign will never end and whose love will never fail or run out.

This Jesus is the One who intercedes for you at this very moment.

Keep that in mind when you head to the polls this November (or possibly earlier if you are one of those who actually remembers to vote early and avoid the lines).

Whoever wins won’t bring about the end of the world. Whoever wins won’t save it either. Only Jesus can do that.



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