A Tuesday Reminder

I don’t normally write from God’s perspective (since I don’t pretend to fully comprehend the Infinite and Unwieldy). Still, I do believe that there is something God wants you and I to know on this Tuesday, May 3, 2016 (as inspired by what I heard at Kairos tonight):


Do you understand what being My beloved entails? Do you know the extremes to which My love for you goes?

I see you. I always see you.

I see you in those moments where you feel that you don’t measure up– that you can never possibly measure up.

I see you in those moments when you feel left out and left behind, when people seem like they aren’t really all that interested in getting to know the real you.

I already know the real you, more than you yourself even know you. I see the broken parts, the dirty parts, the parts you try so hard to keep hidden from everyone else (and even yourself sometimes).

At this moment, when you feel the most despairing and deserted, My love for you has never been stronger or deeper or truer.

When the days to come inspire dread and fear, I am the One holding you together. My love for you is your oxygen.

I am the One singing over you in the night for this night and every night to come until there are no more nights.

I am the One who shouts for joy over you every new morning until there are no more new mornings, only the eternal brightness of My glory.

When people fail you, I never will. When you feel most alone, that’s when I am nearest to you in your pain and loneliness.

Trust in Who I am over what you feel, over what you think, over what you can observe with your five senses. Trust that there is nothing in you that I can’t redeem and transform into a blessing.”

That’s it. Trust the heart of God and know that everything will be fine in the end. If it’s not fine, it’s not the end.



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