Searching for Sugar Man (and Significance)

“Home is acceptance” (a line from the documentary, Searching for Sugar Man).

I finally got around to watching a documentary called Searching for Sugar Man. It’s a case of the truth being stranger than fiction. A man records an album back in 1970 that sells virtually no copies in America, yet a bootleg copy finds its way over to South Africa where it blows up. The man known as Rodriguez becomes a superstar on the same level as Elvis Presley or the Beatles. But no one knows who he is. In fact, most people believe he died years ago.

I love stories like that. I love rooting for the underdog. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to most of the music I listen to which falls outside the popular radio-friendly songs most people like.

I love that Jesus loved the underdogs. He not only acknowledge them (which was polar opposite to the way most religious leaders kowtowed to those with money and influence) but went out of His way to reach out to them in love. They were the ones He chose to use in building His kingdom. They were the first evangelists and missionaries and apologists.

In the documentary, it shows the man Rodriguez ended up doing manual construction labor with no clue as to how insanely popular he was in South Africa. I wonder how many will never know how far the ripple effect from their daily random acts of kindness goes. I wonder how many realize that there’s a cloud of witnesses watching and rooting specifically for them as they run their race.

I love how Rodriguez finally realized his dream of playing in front of a packed stadium of adoring fans. It took much longer than he would have imagined it could take. In fact, his dream was so long in coming that he had probably all but given up on it.

I love how God’s promises are never slow or delayed (at least not in His eyes). All of them arrive right on time. None of them are in vain. Every one that He spoke– even the ones that still await fulfillment– are as certain as if they were written in the past tense.

So I do recommend Searching for Sugar Man. I also recommend maybe once in a while  checking out artists that might be a little obscure. For me, the reward is always worth the little extra effort to find them out.



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