Still B-L-E-S-S-E-D

If you read the first chapter of Ephesians, you will notice how often the Apostle Paul makes use of the word blessed.

Blessed. It’s a word that people use in any number of ways with any number of different meanings.

The idea Paul wants to convey when he speaks of blessing and being blessed is one of having God’s favor over you.

That doesn’t necessarily mean instant and immense wealth. Sometimes it means walking through some dark valleys and difficult pathways through circumstances that are hard to understand but in the end yield a reward and ultimate glory for God.

I’m blessed.

I have God. I have Jesus. I have salvation that I can’t lose and a love that I don’t deserve. I have family and friends who continue to love me day in and day out and so many who model Jesus for me.

I woke up this morning. That’s a huge blessing that so many (including me) will take for granted until someone they love is snatched away in death.

I’m blessed even if tomorrow I lose my job and I end up on the streets. I’m blessed even if I don’t have anything to eat tomorrow. I’m blessed even if I end up alone.

I’m blessed because God in Jesus is my blesser and my blessing. He’s both my giver and gift. He’s the journey and the destination. He’s the race that I run and the prize at the end.

Once you realize how blessed you are, it changes everything. It changes how you see, how you speak, how you live, how you love.

Blessings aren’t for hoarding. You and I are blessed in order that we might be a blessing to someone else. That’s where the greatest blessings come– in the very act of giving away blessings.

So, on this Tuesday, March 29, I say once again that I’m blessed.



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