300,000 and Counting

Recently, I bit a milestone with my Jeep. I now have over 300,000 miles on the ol’ Red Sled. That goes to show that sometimes slow and steady does really win the race.

I heard question at Kairos that caught my attention: are you a sinner who one day might become a saint, or are you a saint who still sometimes falls into sin?

Brennan Manning once said that he was a saint with an incredible capacity for beer. I am a saint who sometimes listens to the wrong voices, who sometimes acts out of fear, who can be both insecure and prideful, yet who is never for a moment out of his Abba Father’s affections. That’s me.

For me, I’ve come to find out that real maturity in the faith isn’t about having the most polished theology. It’s not having a head full of knowledge about Greek and Hebrew. Sometimes, it isn’t even learning anything new but being reminded of something old.

My idea of maturity is finally believing in and seeing yourself by how God calls and defines you. He calles you beloved, saint, in Christ, treasured possession, redeemed. Maturity is living out of that identity above any other. It is embracing and existing that identity alone.

Even after my Jeep finally wears out and gives up the ghost, I won’t even have begun to coming close to exhausting the infinite riches of Christ’s all-emcompassing love for me.

That’s who I am. 


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