The Art of the YEC High Five

Once again, I’m  volunteering at the Youth Evanglism Conference (also known as the YEC) at the Municipal Auditorium in downtown Nashville. Basically,  I drove straight from work to the YEC and have been up since 5:25 (which I believe is over 18 hours). Suffice to say, I’m pooped.

On day one, I served as a greeter for the incoming youth groups. Essentially, I gave high fives until my hands were raw.

There’s an art to giving a high five. It’s not just me slapping your hand with my hand. It’s about connection. It’s about community. It’s about me saying to you, “You will not go unnoticed, because I see and acknowledge you).

Plus, there’s a good amount of hype that goes into it. You can’t give a half-hearted high five. A good high five can energize the recipient and also leave your hand numb for a few seconds. That’s the price of art.

It’s also another example of being faithful in the smallest details in hopes that God will take something seemingly insignificant to turn someone’s day (and possibly even life) around.

More high fives to come on day two.


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