A Fixed Mind

It’s all there in that verse. The key to perfect peace is keeping your mind stayed, or fixed, on God.

But therein lies the rub. How many of us can go through an entire day where we successfully kept our minds constantly fixed on God?

I daresay not many. Too many distractions, too many demands on our time, and too much clamoring for our attention get in the way of single-minded devotion to the God we serve. Plus, for us ADDers out there, there’s the added distraction of having a computer with something like 1,157 tabs all open at the same time, each vying for our attention.

What can be done?

I believe the ability to be fixed on God entirely correlates to how much time we spend with time. I don’t mean time haphazardly snatched here and there, but time intentionally set apart ahead of time expressly for the purpose of spending time with God.

That’s where I too often fall short. I can make time for Netflix and social media, yet time with God doesn’t seem to have as high a priority on my list. I imagine most of you find this to be true also. Your pitfall may not be Netflix. In fact, the things keeping you from time with God may be good things– very good things– even things done for God.

Still, the most important thing you can do for God is to make time to be with God. That’s where your heart and mind get rebooted (to use a computer term) so that your desires and motives are more in line with God’s.

Maybe I need to fall behind on my Netflix shows and step outside of social media periodically to carve out this time that I so desperately need if I’m ever to learn to distinguish God’s voice from the multitude of others clamoring for my attention.

It’s a good place to start. Or more accurately, it’s a good place to let God start in us. And as a pastor has said more than once, all God is looking for in us is a place to start.


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