Return to the Dog-Sitting Life

So, it’s Thanksgiving Day and I am back dog-sitting for one of my favorites, Millie. Actually, they’re all my favorites, but Millie is special.

She’s always so glad to see me and perks up whenever I’m around. You’d never know she’s 15.

Dogs (and cats) teach us to appreciate the small things. It takes so little to make a dog happy– a pat on the head, some kind words, a few treats. They are grateful beings.

What if we were that grateful for everything? 

What if all we had were the things and people we expressed our gratitude for? Who and what would we have left?

That is a sobering and convicting thought for most of us. Maybe it’s extra incentive not to let our gratitude and thanks go unexpressed.

Let those people in your life know that you’re thankful for them while they’re still in your life. One day, it will be too late.

Oh, and enjoy those Thanksgiving leftovers. They’re always better on the next day.


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