I saw this tree in The Village shopping center next to the Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg today. Immediately, my mind went back to the tree in To Kill a Mockingbird.

For those of you who have neither read the book or seen the movie (or done so and forgotten this part), the tree is where Scout and Jem found the gifts that Boo Radley left for them– a broken pocket watch, an old spelling medal, some chewing gum, and two soap carvings.

They were such small things, yet they impacted Scout and Jem a great deal.

Maybe you have small gifts that can change someone’s day– or even life. Maybe it’s a kind word or encouraging note (or possibly text). Maybe it’s a smile. Maybe it’s going out of your way to befriend someone you normally wouldn’t associate with. Maybe it’s forgiving someone who hurt you, even if they don’t realize what they’ve done.

Think of a small stone thrown in a pond. Think of the ripple effect. Who knows how far reaching the effects of one small act of kindness will be? 

Only God.

While you may not know if what you do will make any difference, you know it won’t if you do nothing. So throw rhat small stone. Give that little gift. Be Jesus in a small way to someone who needs to know that Jesus loves them.

The end.


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