Patience and Kindness

When it comes to dog-sitting, the most valuable asset you have isn’t necessarily how knowledgeable you are about all things canine. It isn’t how much training or experience you have.

For me, the two most important assets are patience and kindness. Those two things can win over most dogs.

I think that goes for most people as well. In any relationship, you almost never go wrong by exhibiting patience and kindness, remembering that it was God’s own patience and kindness that won you in the first place.

The last place I dog-sat, I remember how two of the dogs used to be so afraid of me. One would bark at me almost nonstop and the other would run from me. Now, both of them love me and are quite affectionate toward me.

Was it any extraordinary skill of mine? No. It was that one-two combination of patience and kindness.

Remember that when you’re dealing with someone who’s difficult or who drives you to distraction. A little patience and kindness goes a long way. Mix in some empathy and understanding and you can find an enemy becoming a friend. Of course, above all you need the love of God in you to flow through you, but that patience and kindness is key.

That’s my mantra for the night– patience and kindness. Patience and kindness.

Try it out sometimes.


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