Musical Maturity

My musical tastes range from “You should hear this!” to “I know, don’t judge me, please.” That is not an original sentiment, but it’s very fitting to describe my very eclectic collection of music.

Back in the day, I listened to some very questionable music. Not as in morally objectionable but more as in “Why, O dear God, are you listening to this?”

I confess. One of my first cassette tape purchases was Make It Big by Wham! The exclamation point at the end of their name tells you everything you need to know about that group. Not exactly high-brow stuff. I’m not judging you if you have their songs on your MP3 player or iPod, but simply informing you that they ain’t on mine.

Then again, I recently rediscovered Phil Collins and Genesis. I appreciate their music on a much deeper level now than as a 14-year old. Warning: their early albums are not for the faint of heart. Very progressive and odd, kinda like an inside Monty Python joke set to rock music.

I remember some of my best finds came from the cut-out bin. It was a low-risk investment of maybe $3 (which was cheap even back in the 80’s!) Some times, I discovered why they were so cheap (because they were that bad), and some times I ended up with a fantastic bargain.

Jesus came for the cut-out bin cast-offs of the world. What the world and the media call nobodies and nothings. He came for the foolish and weak to shame the proud and strong. He came for you and me.

These days, I mostly follow the road less traveled when it comes to my music. But I still like my Genesis.


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